“I love Estelle’s jewelry! Her designs and materials are unique and one of a kind. You will most definitely make a fashion statement wearing her wares! Many of my friends are repeat customers and look forward to attending her shows to see what’s new. She does custom work as well. The market is flooded with the same old silver and gold jewelry. Signed, a dedicated customer and follower.”   Elaine

“I just love Estelle Lukoff’s jewelry! I admire the workmanship exhibited in all of her jewelry, whether it be a simple pair of earrings or an elaborate necklace strung with crystals and beads. Her ability to combine color and hue, luster and matte, and simplicity and “bling” makes her jewelry special. Many people can bead, but Estelle is one of the few who can create jewelry with great design. Her aesthetic eye helps to combine many jewelry parts into one elegant piece. And just to make it a bit more special, she might incorporate a vintage button or place an old medallion as the centerpiece. I own several necklaces and earrings, and have given lovely gifts to family and friends– and prices are fair.”   Marlene

“I purchased my first piece of jewelry from Estelle about four years ago, and, immediately fell in love with the style and craftsmanship in her pieces. All of Estelle’s designs show her artistry and unique style, as well as having impeccable quality. I love that she makes her jewelry in such a variety of styles, some delicate and some bolder, and that she incorporates such interesting beads and pendants that are truly one of a kind. It’s always great to see Estelle at a craft show and to view what new and beautiful designs she has on display.”   Renita

“Whenever I wear Estelle’s jewelry I feel magic, I feel like I glow, I shine, I smile, I feel confident, beautiful and alive! Her style is versatile; you can dress up or down, simple or elegant. She can bring vitality, beauty and discovery into your life.”   Joan

“Well, what can I say about Estelle’s jewelry other than it’s stunning, well-made, unique. Her sense of color is amazing and one of her signature talents. She is truly an artist and a lovely person as well.”   Laura

“I absolutely love Estelle’s jewelry. Her pieces are beautiful accessories that complement any attire, from shorts to evening wear. Thanks for brightening up my attire with wonderful accessories!”    Roberta

“Estelle’s love of nature and art is evident in every piece she creates. World influences and her extensive life travels also infuse her designs. From Moroccan-inspired bronze earrings to jazzy purple necklaces and wintry pearl, dress-up bracelets, Estelle has created something for you and for your circle of friends and family who may need a gift.”   Deborah

“Estelle is such an amazing talent; I love, love, love her work! One of the best things about Estelle is her willingness, indeed enthusiasm, for making unique pieces that completely fit your style — and budget. I have introduced friends to her work and all of them have been enthralled by it. I cannot recommend Estelle highly enough!”   Lorraine

“I met Estelle several years ago at the Hagley Craft Show and fell in love with her beautiful jewelry. Her color combinations and use of natural beads are great accessories to any outfit. I always enjoy wearing her pieces and get many compliments!”    Rose